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A new peer-reviewed study by Cancer Care Ontario senior scientist Dr. Anna Chiarelli shows that direct radiography (DR) mammograms and screen-film mammograms (F/Scr) are better at detecting breast cancer than computed radiography (CR) mammograms. CR mammography is used for approximately 20 per cent of mammograms in Ontario.

Based on this information, the advice of our experts and with the support of health care providers, Ontario will phase out CR devices across Ontario over the coming months.

Women with questions about how the changes affect them are encouraged to contact the site where they were last screened, their primary health care provider, or Cancer Care Ontario and should be aware that :

Below is a list of all sites that offer breast mammography and the type of equipment they have, as of May 15, 2013. Please note that you will need to contact the site where you were last screened to find out what type of equipment was used.

Please note :  This list of mammography sites is provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) for information purposes only.  Information regarding site-specific mammography equipment is based on information provided by each Hospital and Independent Health Facility and is provided "as is" without warranties or conditions of any kind either expressed or implied.  Patients who have questions about the mammography equipment used at their last screening are encouraged to directly contact the site where they were last screened.

MOHLTC and the Government of Ontario accept no liability and make no warranties or any representations regarding the use, accuracy, applicability, completeness, performance, availability, security, or reliability of this information.

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