Understanding the Inherited Metabolic Diseases (IMD) Program

What does the program cover?

The IMD program covers the full cost of certain outpatient drugs, supplements and specialty foods used to treat metabolic disorders. The program covers prescribed:

IMD covers only the metabolic disorders and funded products included in the List of Disorders, Covered Drugs, Supplements and Specialty Foods.

To ensure that IMD patients receive the right treatments, the ministry has designated a small number of treatment centres to distribute IMD products. Decisions about which products to fund are made by the Executive Officer of Ontario Public Drug Programs. The Executive Officer acts on advice from an expert advisory committee.

Am I eligible?

Talk to your doctor. To join the IMD program, a patient must:

To learn more about metabolic conditions that affect infants, visit the Newborn Screening section of this site.

What costs will I pay?

If you qualify, the IMD program will pay for 100% of your IMD treatments.

How do I get IMD benefits?

First talk to your doctor. To apply, you and your doctor must complete and submit an application and consent form to the ministry. Once the ministry accepts the application, a confirmation letter will be mailed back to your doctor.

Download an application form now

Application and Consent for the Inherited Metabolic Diseases (IMD) Program

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