Ontario Drug Benefit Program: Once you turn age 65

What happens when I turn 65?

If you are age 65, live in Ontario and have a valid Ontario health card, you qualify for the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) program. If the ministry has your correct address, we will notify you by mail about two months before you turn 65. You do not need to apply to join. Your ODB benefits will start on the first day of the month that follows your 65th birthday.

How do I claim ODB benefits?

Just take your prescription and health card to your pharmacy. Tell your pharmacist that you are now eligible for the ODB program. The pharmacist will use the government’s Health Network System to check if you qualify.

What costs will I pay?

ODB pays most of the cost of the list of approved prescription products. Remember that under the rules of ODB, you may pay a small yearly fee and a per prescription fee to have your prescriptions filled.

Every benefit year starts on August 1st.  Most seniors will pay the first $100 of their prescription drug costs at their drug store – this is called a “deductible.”  You pay your deductible by purchasing approved prescription products at your drug store.  Once the deductible is paid, most seniors will then be asked to pay up to $6.11 for each approved prescription filled – this is called the “co-payment”.    Learn more >>

Lower income seniors can apply to have their deductible waived and only have to pay up to $2 each time they fill a prescription for an approved product.  This is called the “Seniors Co-Payment Program”.  You have to apply to qualify for the lower ODB fees. If you don’t apply, you will have to pay the higher fees.

To get an application kit for the Seniors Co-Payment Program:

What happens if my birthday is in the middle of the year?

ODB will reduce the first deductible you pay based on the number of months between the month you became eligible for the ODB program and the next August 1. From then on, you will pay the full $100 deductible each year.

For example, if you were born in February, we will calculate your first deductible from March to August 1. Your first deductible will be $41.67. From then on, you will pay the full $100 deductible each year.

You can look up your first deductible on the chart below. Remember that on top of the deductible, you will pay up to $6.11 for every ODB prescription you fill.

Month Of Your 65th BirthdayYour First Deductible
August$ 91.67
September$ 83.33
October$ 75.00
November$ 66.67
December$ 58.33
January$ 50.00
February$ 41.67
March$ 33.33
April$ 25.00
May$ 16.67
June$ 8.33
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