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Ebola virus disease (EVD) is a rare and severe viral disease When infected, people can get very sick, with fever, intense weakness, headache, sore throat and pains, and in severe cases, may bleed from different parts of the body (i.e., hemorrhage).

The Ebola virus does not spread easily from person to person. It is spread through direct contact with infected bodily fluids, not through casual contact. Severely ill patients require intensive supportive care.

There have been no cases of EVD in Canada and the risk to Ontarians remains very low.

Ontario's Ebola Readiness

In October of 2014, Ontario took action to enhance the province's readiness to manage any potential case of EVD in the province. These actions were aimed at protecting the health and safety of all Ontarians, including health care workers. Actions included:

Additionally, Ontario added additional items to its supply and equipment stockpile to ensure it had PPE required to protect workers from EVD. The ministry focused procurements on those high demand items that would be challenging to access if Ontario had an EVD case (e.g., impermeable gowns, impermeable coveralls and powered air purifying respirators (PAPRs)).

A summit of health care leaders was held in December 2015 to discuss how to maintain the preparedness achieved for EVD and ensure a resilient health care system in Ontario. The ministry continues to collaborate with health system partners including hospitals, paramedic services, public health units, and health system unions, associations and regulatory bodies to support health system readiness for EVD.

These actions are aimed at protecting the health and safety of all Ontarians, including health care workers. We are building on our collective planning efforts by introducing a new plan towards building a resilient health system that is ready and able to manage future infectious disease threats:

Building a Ready and Resilient Health System: Ebola Step-Down and Provincial Baseline for Infectious Disease Threats

General EVD guidance, training, and links remain below, including managing EVD survivors. The former directives and resources may be requested by contacting .

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