Community Health Centre

Community Health Centre

Each of Ontario’s Community Health Centres (CHCs) is unique. CHCs offer clinical care from doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, dietitians, social workers and other kinds of health providers under one roof. They offer care to those populations that have, for whatever reason, traditionally faced barriers accessing health care.

Tip : CHCs offer culturally-adapted programs for the needs and preferences of the communities they serve including delivering services in many different languages.

Use this option

  • When you do not have a health care provider
  • When you are a newcomer to Canada
  • To access health care services when facing barriers like language, culture, physical disabilities, homelessness and poverty
  • If you have mental health or addiction issues
  • If you require counseling or need some help with housing issues
  • When you're without health insurance in Ontario.

For More Information

For other health questions please call ServiceOntario, INFOline at 1-866-532-3161.
Hours of operation : 8:30am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.
TTY 1-800-387-5559.
In Toronto, TTY 416-327-4282