Women who are Represented in or Engage in High risk activities with the Above Communities

There were 4,749 women living with HIV in Ontario in 2008. This accounts for 18 per cent of all people living with HIV in Ontario, and represents a 71 per cent increase since 1999.  25% of HIV diagnoses in 2008 were among women.

Women and HIV/AIDS Strategy

The Women and HIV/AIDS work group, a working group made up of ministry staff, researchers, community representatives and people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, is developing a strategy to address the growing rates of HIV infection among women in Ontario. 

Research has been a key component in the development of the strategy, which has included consultation with women of varied backgrounds, an extensive literature review, and a survey of agencies providing services to women. An early result of this process has been the creation of a series of fact sheets on women and HIV.

The Ontario Women's Study research team, which is affiliated with the Women and HIV/AIDS work group, is developing an Ontario-wide research program that will take into account the varied life experiences of women who are vulnerable to HIV infection.

Prenatal HIV Screening Program

For information about Ontario's Prenatal Screening Program go to HIV/AIDS: Prenatal Testing Program.

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