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Find your local Community Care Access Centre (CCAC)

CCAC staff can answer your questions, help you explore your options, conduct assessments and/or provide advice as you develop your long-term care plans. Use the CCAC Locator to find a Community Care Access Centre near you.

Finding a Long-Term Care Home near you

Use the LTC Home Locator to find long-term care homes in your area.

Applying to a long-term care home

To start the application process, call your local CCAC. The CCAC Locator will help you find the nearest CCAC. You can print out some of the application forms for LTC homes and the CCAC staff can help you to complete these forms.

Evaluating prospective providers

The following checklists have questions you could ask providers that you are considering :

Finding out whether a provider has been accredited

Every provider can voluntarily seek accreditation by Accreditation Canada. This accreditation compares a provider's service delivery and operation against a set of national standards.

Find out more about accreditation of retirement homes.

Find out more about other types of accreditation, such as ISO 9001.

Finding out more about legal and financial planning considerations

As you plan your future, you may also wondering how decisions will be made if, for some reason, you are unable to make decisions on your own. Creating a plan will ensure that decisions about your health and personal care will be made by the right person, with a full understanding of your values and wishes. Download a Power of Attorney Kit

Links : Locating Providers

Many provincial associations can link you to providers across Ontario.

Home and Community Support Services

Retirement Homes

Links : Government Programs and Services for Seniors

For more Information on the various levels of government services for seniors and a comprehensive directory of other community resources, visit the Ontario Seniors Secretariat web site.
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