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Important Changes to LTC Home Compliance:

Long-Term Care (LTC) Homes are inspected to ensure that they meet government standards. These standards are set out in the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007 (LTCHA) legislation and regulations.

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has re-designed its LTC Home inspection program to ensure LTC Homes meet the standards set out in the LTCHA and Ontario Regulation 79/10 under the LTCHA, and to improve the quality of care in LTC Homes.

This redesign was accomplished through the Compliance Transformation Project, which was officially launched in April 2008 and has now been completed.  There will be ongoing improvements and refinements made to the new inspection process over the coming months and years.

The Ministry is now providing copies of the public versions of inspection reports and Orders issued by Ministry Inspectors through the Reports on Long-Term Care (LTC) Homes website.   This section will help you locate LTC Homes in your area and find general information about a Home, such as the Home’s ownership and number of beds. You can also view the public version of inspection reports and any orders that may be associated with an inspection. These reports will show if the MOHLTC has found that the Home does not comply with provincial legislation that sets standards for LTC Homes.

You may notice that a Home has a number of Written Notifications of Non-Compliance. Non-compliance under the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007 (LTCHA) cannot be compared with ‘unmets’ that were reported before July 1, 2010.  In the past, an inspector (compliance advisor) may have verbally noted an issue with the Home or included it under observations, but may not have issued an ‘unmet’. Only serious issues of non-compliance were generally noted as ‘unmets’.  Today, all issues of non-compliance are identified and included in the inspection report.  If non-compliance presents a serious risk to residents, then there is usually an order issued along with the inspection report.

As a result of the province’s significant legislative changes (which took effect July 1, 2010), you may see that your Home, which previously may have had very few or no unmet standards, now has some Written Notifications along with actions/sanctions based on the severity, scope and licensee’s past history of compliance.  This does not necessarily mean that the care in the Home has changed but may simply be a reflection of the new requirements under the new legislation.

Compliance Transformation has resulted in a more accountable compliance inspection program that focuses on risk issues, quality of life and resident care outcomes. You can learn more about Government Legislation and Monitoring on this website.

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