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Minister's Patient and Family Advisory Council

New Council to Bring Patient, Family and Caregiver Voice into Health Care Planning

Get to Know the Council

Below are the current members of the Patient and Family Advisory Council.

Julie Drury, Chair






Julie Drury, Chair – Ottawa

Julie Drury is no stranger to advising health care providers. While managing her daughter’s complex medical needs, Julie mentored other families facing similar challenges, and helped them navigate the health care system. She is passionate about the partnerships between patients, families, and health care professionals.

Through her practical experience as a care coordinator and medical advocate, Julie’s ability to work with stakeholders towards meaningful solutions, to troubleshoot difficult situations, and to build strong relationships, has helped to improve patient and family experiences and outcomes. 

Collaborating with multiple hospitals and community care organizations also gave Julie the insight and expertise to provide advice on matters involving hospital and home care, health support services, patient safety, complex care and more.

Julie has worked as a senior policy advisor and director with Health Canada, and is a board director of MitoCanada Foundation. Julie was the former chair of the Family Forum patient advisory council for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. She has also been a family advisor with organizations such as the Provincial Council on Maternal and Child Health, Complex Care Kids Ontario, the Rare Disease Foundation, and the Canadian Family Advisory Network. 

As Chair of the Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), Julie’s personal and professional experience will help advise government on key health care priorities that will have a real impact on patient care and patient experiences in Ontario.

Mansour Asrani





Mansour Asrani – Thornhill

For over ten years, Mansour has extensive experience with the health care system while his daughter was being cared for at ‘SickKids’ Hospital. His daughter developed several health issues requiring lengthy hospital stays allowing Mansour a unique opportunity to become familiar with the health care system. Mansour is mindful of the importance of patient and family advisory work to ensure that valuable resources are utilized in a way that benefit the very people the heath system serves.

As a PFAC member, Mansour sees this not only as an opportunity to give back to the community, but also as a chance to make a positive contribution to the future of the health care system in Ontario.

Mansour has played an important role in making new and innovative green projects ready for commercialization. In doing this work, he is proud to have played a role in helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.

David Bach


David Bach –North York

With personal experience in the health care system and a professional background in health technology and informatics, David sees PFAC as an opportunity to share his insights on the health care system in Ontario. He looks forward to representing patient’s needs so their voice can be heard when it comes to health policy decisions.

David believes that the health care system can do more to empower patients and caregivers with the information they need to navigate the system, and to understand the options patients and families have when it comes to their own health care and health outcomes.

David recently earned a Master’s degree in Health Informatics at the University of Toronto. He is also an avid runner, and is proud to have recently completed his first marathon.

Rita Boutette



Rita Boutette – Keewatin

Rita currently chairs the Canadian Mental Health Association in Kenora and is involved in the Dryden Integrated Health Care Organization that is exploring various opportunities to improve the delivery of care in this region. Rita has a strong grasp on the unique challenges that northern Ontarians experience, and is excited to bring this important insight to the Council.

As a caregiver to her parents and family, Rita has many first hand experiences navigating the health care system and sees her role with the PFAC as an opportunity to help patients be proactive about their own health care.

As an active member of her community, Rita has volunteered in many capacities, including on her local hospital board, school board, school council, parish council, library board, and museum board.

David (Dave) Fasano




David (Dave) Fasano – Georgetown

As the founding Chairperson for the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada, Dave’s passion for improving healthcare spans many decades. Dave’s extensive professional work has allowed him to witness important aspects of patient care first hand, across various geographic areas of Ontario and nationally.

Dave is keen on advancing new concepts in health care, and believes that patient outcomes are an important way to measure success in the health care system. Dave sees the PFAC as an opportunity to improve one’s community and to help improve health care across Ontario.

Dave is a graduate from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Physical Education, having worked for over 30 years advocating new concepts in medical practice.

Christina Gilman


Christina Gilman – Brantford

Throughout her life, Christina has managed her own health concerns by accessing healthcare in a variety of settings. Now with several children having their own unique medical needs, Christina is acutely aware of where healthcare challenges lie and where the system needs to aspire. She believes there are many opportunities to improve access to the health care system.

Being Métis, Christina is inspired to bring her unique perspective to the Council and hopes to help shape positive change in health care across the province.

Christina is most proud of being a Mother to four children, two of whom are venturing off into post-secondary education. In her spare time, upon feeling the urge to help others, Christina volunteers to advocate for cancer families in her local community.

Robert (Bob) Hale


Robert (Bob) Hale – Spencerville

As a member of his local hospital’s patient and family advisory council, Bob has a deep understanding of the importance of including patient’s voices heard as a way to improve care delivery and patient experience. Bob is involved in a number of patient engagement initiatives in his local community, and is passionate about various health care initiatives including youth mental health, and system navigation.

A firm believer in educating oneself, through the PFAC, Bob aims to affect change by helping others achieve the same level of confidence when it comes to asking key questions about their own health care.

On a personal note, Bob is proud to have been part of team that commissioned, trained and managed the first of its’ kind, state of the art steelmaking operation in Canada.

Bernice King

Bernice King – Hamilton

Bernice’s participation on her patient and advisory council at a local level has prepared her for this next challenge as a member of the Minister’s PFAC. Bernice sees this new role as an opportunity to broaden her influence and affect positive change more broadly across the health care landscape.

Bernice’s work experiences provided her additional opportunities to teach, manage, and participate in research projects – skills that empowered her to educate herself about her own health care – skills she hopes to share in this new role.

Inspired to always continue learning, Bernice’s career gave her an opportunity to teach, manage, and participate in research. As a result, she has a thorough knowledge of her present state of health, and researches looking for evidence based care when a new health issue arises.

Kimberly Kirt


Kimberly Kirt – Windsor

As a newcomer to Canada, Kimberly hopes to share her challenging experiences related to accessing health care services both as an immigrant and as someone who relied on mental health care.

Kimberly serves on the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Patient and Family Caregiver Advisory Council and is a former mental health counselor. She hopes that by joining PFAC, she can use her collective experiences to help remove barriers for others in similar situations trying to access the services they need.

Kimberly is grateful for the strength and determination she possesses, which she relied on to re-build her career, support systems, and identity in Canada. She is passionate about patient partnership to improve the health care system in Ontario.

Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez – Rockwood

As someone who has relied on the health care system, Mario is keen to provide the advisory council with meaningful insight from his own lived experiences as a patient. Mario has a great appreciation of how important it is to have equitable health care services that are transparent, safe, accessible and efficient.

Over the years, Mario has learned how to educate himself to stay informed about his own health care needs, and sees his role with the PFAC as being able to help empower other patients and families to become better informed about their own health issues, and how to navigate a complex health care system.

As an accomplishment, Mario is proud to have advocated for compensation for all victims of the tainted blood by testifying at the Krever Commission that resulted in tangible improvements to the healthcare system.

Mario Lopez


Ann Matte – Sudbury

Ann was a founding member of an AIDS hospice in Northeast Ontario, and has also acted as a caregiver to close family members through their own ailments. These experiences with the health care system have opened Ann’s eyes to the need for patient and family advisors in the health care system. Ann sees the PFAC as a chance to positively change how health care in Ontario is fostered and administered and wishes to see a system that is patient-friendly, accessible and provides seamless transitions in care.

With a background in nursing, Ann was intent on helping her parents receive good quality care. With her knowledge of health care she was challenged in navigating the system as they aged.

Claire Dawe McCord


Claire Dawe McCord – Ottawa

As a former member of the Youth Advisory Board of the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Claire’s keen interest in health, as well as her own health care challenges transitioning from pediatric to adult care, has provided her with a perspective on health care that she hopes to share with other PFAC members.

Joining PFAC will provide Claire the opportunity to collaborate within a team to educate and empower patients and families to play a more proactive role in their own health care and affect change in the health care system.

On a personal note, despite encountering many health related challenges, Claire is delighted that she will be graduating from high school at the top of her class and is successfully pursuing post-secondary education.

Colin Mullaley



Colin Mullaley – Kitchener

Throughout his life, Colin has relied on the health care system to help manage various aspects of his care. He has also been a caregiver, providing support for family members accessing and utilizing health care programs and services. Colin has his own unique perspective on accessing health care in Ontario as a member of the LGBTQQ2 community, and is interested in shedding light on some of the health care challenges that he and some of his peers experience.

Joining the PFAC, Colin will look to help people and patients educate themselves on all aspects of their health care so they are better informed and able to make the best decisions that lead to positive health outcomes.

Over the years Colin has learned to advocate for his own health care all the while practicing kindness and gratitude with his entire health care team.

Colin is a member of the City of Kitchener Safe & Healthy Community Advisory Committee.

Levv Shatil



Levv Shatil – London

Levv has extensive experience in the health care system, and he brings a fresh and unique viewpoint to the PFAC. He hopes to represent the voice of the youth patient transitioning into adulthood and bring their perspective to important decision making.

As a transgender male, Levv will also share his personal knowledge as someone who has had to educate health care professionals involved in his care. He sees joining PFAC as a chance to help young patients get the knowledge they need to tap into the resources available to them and to improve their health care experience.

Levv is proud of his resilience and determination. He is also pleased to have led change in hockey inclusivity standards, as he was the first openly transgender player in Ontario minor girls’ hockey.

Colin Mullaley


Serena Thompson – Scarborough

Living with a genetic disease, Serena hopes to use her own experience of the health care system to advise on health priorities that improve access to equitable health care services for Ontarians.

Serena is motivated to be a member of the PFAC to ensure that the patient’s voice is heard without judgment to inform policy change that improves patient care and outcomes. Serena is a firm believer in advocating for oneself and knows the importance and value of patient and family partnership.

As someone who strives to live each day to the fullest, she is also proud to be the mother of a wonderful daughter.



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