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Emergency Room Wait Times

Thank you for visiting the Emergency Room (ER) section of the Ontario Wait Times website. Here, you will find the most current and accurate information on wait times at 126 Ontario ERs and Urgent Care Centres. The information on this website will give you an idea of how long a patient who needs immediate, unscheduled health care services can expect to spend in an ER.

Reporting the time patients spend in the ER is an important part of the Ontario government’s commitment to being open and accountable about how well we are doing in achieving our two top health care priorities: reducing ER wait times and improving access to family health care.

On this website, members of the public and health care professionals can easily find out the most recent information on how much time you can expect to spend in an ER and how well the province’s hospitals are doing in achieving targets the province has set for the most time a patient should spend in the ER. The information on this website is updated on the second last business day of every month.

Search here for wait time information for the ER in your area. Alternatively, health care professionals section of this site has more detailed information on ER wait times.

If you are visiting this website because you have an injury and / or symptoms that you think need immediate medical attention :

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