Ontario Wait Times

Ontario Wait Times Strategy

Ontario’s Wait Time Strategy was developed to improve access to five key health services by reducing wait times for cancer surgery, cardiac procedures, cataract surgery, hip and knee replacement and MRI and CT scans.

The strategy has since expanded to include all surgeries and time spent in emergency rooms (ER). The government’s goal is to improve public access to surgeries and procedures delivered to Ontarians; implement new initiatives to improve ER processes; and create a system of accountability through transparent reporting of wait time information.

Emergency Room length of stay

Reporting the time patients spend in the ER is part of Ontario’s commitment to being open about our progress. Reducing ER wait times and improving access to family health care are the two top health care priorities.

Surgery, MRI and CT wait times

Reporting Ontario’s surgical, MRI and CT wait times is an important part of the government’s commitment to accountability when it comes to reducing wait times for key health services.

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Share the results with your doctor and request a referral to the health care option with the shortest wait time that is most convenient for you.

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