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Report Contents
Health Unit Profiles
» Group A - Population Health
» Group B - Governance and
   Accountability Indicators
 –  Introduction
 –  Total Board of Health
 –  Board of Health Expenditure
 –  Expenditures on Training and
     Professional Development
 –  Numbers of FTEs by Job
 –  Number of Vacant Positions
     by Job Category
 –  Employment Status of
     Medical Officers of Health
 –  Staff Length of Service
 –  Familiarity with Public Health
     Unit Programs and Services
 –  Issuance of a Health Status
 –  Strategic Plan
 –  Emergency Response Plan
 –  Accreditation Status
 –  Medical Officer of Health
     Performance Evaluation
 –  Medical Officer of Health
     Reporting Relationships
 –  Board Member Orientation
 –  Board Self-Evaluation
Case Studies
Supporting Documents
Initial Report on Public Health
Group B - Governance and Accountability Indicators

19. Total Board of Health Expenditures
20. Board of Health Expenditure Variance
21. Expenditures on Training and Professional Development
22. Numbers of FTEs by Job Categories
23. Numbers of Vacant Positions by Job Categories
24. Employment Status of Medical Officers of Health
25. Staff Length of Service
26. Familiarity with Public Health Unit Programs and Services
27. Issuance of a Health Status Report
28. Strategic Plan
29. Emergency Response Plan Tested
30. Accreditation Status
31. Medical Officer of Health Performance Evaluation
32. Medical Officer of Health Reporting Relationships
33. Board Member Orientation
34. Board Self-Evaluation