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PHCTF Operational Grant Funding

2002-2003 Funded Projects


Supporting Interdisciplinary Practice: The Family Physician/NP; Educational & Mentoring Program

The intent of this project is to support the development of interdisciplinary primary health care practices in Ontario by establishing effective collaborative practices between family physicians and nurse practitioners. Family physicians and nurse practitioners from the 117 positions announced by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in 2003 were invited to participate. Five partner organizations - the Ontario College of Family Physicians, Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, Jones, Way & Associates, the University of Ottawa Department of Family Medicine/School of Nursing and the Ontario Medical Association - provide leadership and support for this project.

Over 100 physicians and nurse practitioners from across Ontario are participating in a variety of education and mentoring initiatives including workshops, e-learning, on-line chat groups and small group discussion sessions. Eleven experienced nurse practitioners/family physicians are acting as mentor pairs for these Family physician/Nurse practitioner teams for a twelve month period.

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

Chiropractic Primary Care Demonstration Project

This project will increase access to services for a defined population (i.e., those with musculoskeletal conditions) with an emphasis on injury prevention and management of chronic conditions. It will also facilitate co-ordination and integration of services within a community based primary care milieu in partnership with Primary Care Networks and Family Health Networks.

Ontario Chiropractic Association

Access and Quality of Primary Care for People with Complex Health Needs: A Comparison of 3 Payment Models

This project will investigate access and quality of primary care for Ontarians with disabilities under 3 payment models : fee-for-service, capitation, and salary payment.

Queen's University

Voluntary Accreditation Project in Primary Care/Family Practice

This is stage one of a two stage project. Stage one will recommend to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and key stakeholders, an interdisciplinary Voluntary Accreditation/Quality Assessment Program for family practice settings based on literature review, environmental scan, international site visit, focus groups with 12 provider disciplines and patients, teleconferences with provinces and internationally renowned programs and guidance from an advisory committee of professional representatives. These include : family physicians, nurses, dietitians, social workers, pharmacists, receptionists and patients. Stage two will develop a tool for quality assessment in family practices and develop and undertake an interdisciplinary assessor training workshop.

Ontario College of Family Physicians

Assessing the Usability of Neighbourhood Level Variations in Illness Burden to Estimate the Primary Care Needs of Local Communities : Phase I

Phase 1 of this project (Phase 2 : G03-02793) assesses the feasibility of using the Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups (ACGs) to predict primary care service needs at the level of populations of 5,000 to 30,000 people and to support resource allocation and health services planning for neighbourhoods and communities with high illness burdens.

McMaster University

Hamilton Wentworth HSO Mental Health Services

This project will conduct a review and evaluation of the Hamilton Wentworth Health Services Organization Mental Health Services/Programs.

University of Western Ontario

Integration of Pharmacists : SMART Project

This project will build on information learned from the Seniors Medication Assessment Research Trial (SMART). The SMART project involved pharmacists working together with family physicians to carry out medication reviews in the family practice setting. Family physicians, community pharmacists, and health policy makers will be interviewed in this project to obtain a more in depth understanding of how the practice model can be improved, how the practice model can be measured to determine success, and how the model can be feasible in a real world setting.

McMaster University

ISP Grants Evaluation

This project will evaluate the effectiveness of Institutional Substitution Program (ISP) grants. The criteria used for awarding ISP grants and the adequacy of the grant process will also be assessed. The ISP grants evaluation was recommended in the Provincial Auditor's report of 2000.

McMaster University

A Program of Outreach Facilitation in Primary Care Network

This project outlines an outreach intervention program for Family Health Networks (FHNs), delivered by specially trained nurses, to increase delivery of recommended preventive services, improve chronic illness management and prescribing patterns. Nurse facilitators will work with 10 networks (30 practice locations, 56 physicians and 84,000 patients).

University of Ottawa

Integration of Primary Care Nurse Practitioners into Emergency Departments

This project seeks to explore factors that facilitate and act as barriers to the integration of nurse practitioners (NPs) in Ontario emergency departments (EDs). It will measure satisfaction of patients, health care providers and ED decision-makers with the NP role. As well, this project will describe the nature of collaboration that takes place between NPs and ED physicians.

McMaster University

Developing an Interdisciplinary Research Agenda

This project will fund a two-day workshop to bring together key academic stakeholders. The discussions at the workshop will be used to develop an interdisciplinary research agenda to evaluate different primary care service models and to evaluate teaching in such models, as well as, interdisciplinary research capacity.

Ontario College of Family Physicians

Shared Care as the System Integrator/Symposiums for Organizational Leaders

This project will prepare organizational leaders to develop and support shared-care between their staff and the primary care interdisciplinary team members. Six regional meetings will be hosted to bring key stakeholders together to share information and launch activities to bridge the gaps between Primary Care Renewal and institutional and community-based providers.

Ontario College of Family Physicians

Leadership Connect and Leadership Development Fellowship Program

This project will evaluate the success of Family Physicians Toronto and Family Medicine Associates of Hamilton and use the evaluation process to develop a proposal to establish a Network to better support Primary Care Leaders and to identify key educational needs of these leaders.

Ontario College of Family Physicians

Management Training for Family Physicians to Support the Implementation of Primary Care Renewal

The OMA’s Primary Care Transition Physician Support Program will provide information, decision-making and implementation support to primary care physicians who wish to explore transition to a reformed primary care model. The program will provide information and support related to each of the reformed models currently in place or being developed in Ontario – Comprehensive Care Model, Family Health Groups, Family Health Networks, Family Health Teams and Primary Care Networks/Health Service Organization models. The nature and intensity of the support provided will vary with the model, placing most emphasis on the newest and the least familiar to physicians.

Ontario Medical Association

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