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Community Care Access Centres : Client Services Policy Manual

September 2006
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This CCAC Client Services Policy Manual sets out the requirements of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) relating to the primary service functions of the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) as follows :

  • assessing client needs, determining client eligibility, developing a plan of service, and providing or arranging for professional, personal support and homemaking services.
  • providing information and referral services to the public about other community agencies and services.
  • admission into long-term care (LTC) homes.

The CCAC is required to comply with all laws. The CCAC Client Services Policy Manual sets out some of these legislative and regulatory requirements as well as the policies with which the CCAC is required to comply.

This manual is written for CCACs and focuses on the delivery of services to clients. Statutory and regulatory provisions are usually quoted directly. Where interpretation is needed, examples and further explanatory notes are provided.

For situations not covered in this manual, or situations that are covered but require special consideration, staff should consult senior management and management may contact the MOHLTC for further consultation or direction.

The manual is intended to be a comprehensive document that will require updates and additions to reflect changes in legislation, regulations and policies. This manual replaces the Home Care Policies and Procedures Manual (1984) and the Placement Coordination Services Manual issued in 1994.

If you wish to make a paper copy, the complete manual is available for download below :

Document download

1 page | 696 Kb | PDF
Table of Contents
4 pages | 16 Kb | PDF
Chapter 1 :
Introduction to the Manual
16 pages | 78 Kb | PDF
    1.1  Overview of the Manual

    1.2  Overview of Ontario's Long-Term Care System

    1.3  Community Support Services

    1.4  Long-Term Care Homes

    1.5  The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

    1.6  Development of the Community Care Access Centre

    1.7  The Community Care Access Centre

           Access to Home and Community Care Services (flowchart)
Chapter 2 :
15 pages | 56 Kb | PDF
    2.1  Introduction

    2.2  Long-Term Care Act, 1994

    2.3  Ontario Regulation 552 under the Health Insurance Act

    2.4  Community Care Access Corporations Act, 2001

    2.5  Legislation Governing Long-Term Care Homes

    2.6  French Language Services Act
Chapter 3 :
Eligibility Criteria for CCAC Services
21 pages | 71 Kb | PDF
    3.1  Overview of Eligibility Criteria

    3.2  Validation of Ontario Health Cards

    3.3  Residency Requirements for OHIP Coverage

    3.4  Persons without OHIP Coverage are Ineligible for CCAC Services

    3.5  Out-of-Province Applicants to Ontario's Long-Term Care Homes

    3.6  OHIP Coverage/CCAC Services for Homeless Persons

    3.7  OHIP Coverage/CCAC Services for Refugees

    3.8  OHIP Coverage/CCAC Services for a Person on Leave of Absence from a LTC Home

    3.9  Eligibility for Adult Day Services

    3.10  Eligibility for Enhanced Respite Funding

    3.11  Services to First Nations Persons
Chapter 4 :
Consent to Treatment, Admission to Long-Term Care Home and Community Services
52 pages | 148 Kb | PDF
    4.1  Overview of Consent Provisions

    4.2  Definitions of Terms of Health Care Consent Act, 1996

    4.3  Consent to Treatment

    4.4  Capacity to Consent to Treatment

    4.5  Consent to Treatment on Behalf of an Incapable Person

    4.6  Emergency Treatment Without Consent

    4.7  Applications to the Consent and Capacity Board Regarding Treatment

    4.8  Consent to Admission to a Long-Term Care Home

    4.9  Consent to Admission to a Long-Term Care Home on Behalf of an Incapable Person

    4.10  Applications to the Consent and Capacity Board Regarding Admission to a Long-Term Care Home

    4.11  Consent to Personal Assistance Services
Chapter 5 :
Information and Referral Services
9 pages | 35 Kb | PDF
    5.1  Overview of Information and Referral Services

    5.2  Design of the Information and Referral Service

    5.3  Required Information Services

    5.4  Monitoring the Information and Referral Service

    5.5  CCAC Information or Referral Services to Specific Communities
Chapter 6 :
CCAC Case Management
17 pages | 63 Kb | PDF
    6.1  Introduction to Case Management

    6.2  Responsibilities of Case Managers

    6.3  Case Management Staff Qualifications

    6.4  Supports to the Case Management Function
Chapter 7 :
CCAC Home Care Services
21 pages | 72 Kb | PDF
    7.1  Professional Services

    7.2  Personal Support and Homemaking Services

    7.3  Management of Waiting Lists for CCAC Services

    7.4  Ambulance Services for CCAC Clients

    7.5  Drug Benefits for CCAC Clients

    7.6  Influenza Services

    7.7  Residential Hospices
Chapter 8 :
Supplementary Services
7 pages | 36 Kb | PDF
    8.1  Home Oxygen Program

    8.2  Northern Health Travel Grant Program
Chapter 9 :
CCAC School Services
30 pages | 111 Kb | PDF
    9.1  Overview of CCAC School Services

    9.2  Eligibility for CCAC School Services

    9.3  Service Maximums

    9.4  Equipment Relating to School Services

    9.5  Transportation Relating to School Services

    9.6  Case Management Function Relating to the Provision of CCAC School Services

    9.7  CCAC Approaches to Service Delivery for School Services

    9.8  Service Termination in Public, Private and Home Schools

    9.9  CCAC Liaison Activities

    9.10  Other Service Delivery Models

    9.11  Responsibilities in Emergencies
Chapter 10 :
Complaints and Appeals
18 pages | 62 Kb | PDF
    10.1  Complaint Resolution – Community Services

    10.2  Appeal of CCAC Decisions – Community Services

    10.3  Appeal Process Relating to Admission to a Long-Term Care Home
Chapter 11 :
Admission to Long-Term Care Homes
48 pages | 149 Kb | PDF
    11.1  Introduction

    11.2  Eligibility Criteria

    11.3  Application Process for Long-Stay Eligibility Determination

    11.4  Consents Required for Long-Stay Placement

    11.5  LTC Home Selection for Long-Stay Applicants

    11.6  Request for Approval of Admission and Response from the LTC Home

    11.7  Accepting the Offer of Long-Stay Admission, Accommodation and Bed-Holding Fees

    11.8  CCAC Authorization of Long-Stay Admission

    11.9  Short-Stay Programs : Respite Care and Supportive Care (Convalescent Care)
Chapter 12 :
Management of Long-Term Care Home Waiting Lists by CCACs
43 pages | 696 Kb | PDF
    12.1  Overview of Prioritization of Long-Term Care Home Waiting Lists

    12.2  Crisis Admissions - Category 1A

    12.3  Prioritization Criteria – Category 1A1

    12.4  Prioritization Criteria – Category 1B

    12.5  Prioritization Criteria – Category 2

    12.6  Prioritization Criteria – Category 3

    12.7  Non-Numbered Categories

    12.8  Ranking of Priority Categories

    12.9  Waiting Lists for Interim Beds in LTC Homes

    12.10  Refusals of Offers of Long-Stay Admission to LTC Homes

    12.11  Waiting Lists for Short-Stay Programs

    12.12  Refusals of Offers of Short-Stay Admissions to LTC Homes
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