Claims Submission Ontario Health Insurance Program
Resource Manual for Physicians
4.12   Error Codes
Indicators :     MRI   Y = Pending Online     N = To Error Report

Assessment Rejects
AC4 Unacceptable Ref. No. N
AD3 Not Allowed With Visit Y
AD4 Refer to MC Y
AD5 Proc. Allowed Prev. Y
AD8 Not Allowed Alone Y
ADC Add.Proc. at 50% Y
ADD Add. Proc. At 50% Y
ADM Emerg. Equiv / other visits Y
AF1 Multiple Frac / Dis. Y
AF5 Fract. Fee Incl. Y
AG1 Crit. Care Alrdy PD Y
AG2 Crit. Care Alrdy PD Y
AHB Overlapping Visits Y
AHD Extra Visits in WK / MTH Y
AHE 2 Specialties, Same Period Y
AHF CON/SUP Care Same Period Y
AH6 Emerg. Assess. Same Day Y
AH7 Hosp. Assess. Same Day Y
AH8 Invalid ADM Dte / Hosp No. N
AH9 Diagnostic Serv. Same Day Y
A I 4 Claimed by Other IHF / PHY IH Y
AMO Multiple Surg. Other Dr. Y
AMS Multiple Procedures Y
AO2 Prev. OBS. Service Y
AO8 One Assess. At Delivery Y
AP2 Max Fee Prem / NB Care Y
AP4 NIC Only Allowed Y
ARD Pos. Duplicate With RMBS Y
AS8 Pre-op Cons / Assess Y
AS9 Post-op Visits Y
AV3 Proc. Only Allowed Y
A2A Outside of Age Limit N