Claims Submission Ontario Health Insurance Program
Resource Manual for Physicians
4.12   Error Codes (Continued)
Indicators :     MRI   Y = Pending Online     N = To Error Report

Eligibility Rejects (Continued)
EQB Solo Pract. Inact. On S / D N
EQC Group Not Registered on HRR N
EQD Group Inactive on S / D N
EQE Pract. Not In Group on S / D N
EQF Aff. Pract. Inact. On S / D N
EQG Ref. Lab. Not Req' on HRR N
EQ1 Clinic / Dr Not On File N
EQ2 Specialty Mismatch N
EQ3 Pay Sub. Clm. - Dr. Option N
EQ4 Pay Dr Claim - Sub Option N
EQ5 Lab Inactive On S / Date N
EQ6 Incorrect Referral No. N
EQ8 Lab. Not Licenced for F.S.C. Y
EQ9 Lab. No. Not On File N
ERF Ref. Phys. # Currently Ineligible for Referrals N
ESD APP GRP Affil’n on S/D N

Validity Rejects
VHA OHIP#/Part.# Not on RPDB for HN Y
VHO Header 2 and HN Present N
VH1 Health Number is Invalid N
VH2 HN is Missing N
VH3 Invalid Payment Program N
VH4 Invalid Version Code N
VH5 OHIP# Req'd for Serv Date N
VH8 No Match on DOB with HN N
VH9 HN Not Reg'd with MOH N
VJ5 Invalid Service Date N
VJ7 Stale-dated Claim N
VW1 Invalid WCB Service N
V02 Invalid Region Code N
V04 Error in Claim Number Y
V05 Error - Clm No / Serv Date N