General Information Ontario Health Insurance Program
Resource Manual for Physicians
6.9   Underserviced Area Program

The Underserviced Area Program (UAP) is one of a number of supports provided by the ministry to help underserviced communities recruit and retain health professionals. The UAP was established in 1969 to respond to the need for more health professionals in Northern Ontario. It has gradually expanded its role to address the issue of health human resources in southern communities.

The program is administered by Health Care Programs Division, North Region Branch, to enhance access to health care services in designated rural and remote areas of the province, which have difficulty attracting and retaining health care professionals. It offers a variety of components aimed at attracting and retaining health care providers to underserviced areas in Ontario. In order to access the UAPís recruitment and retention benefits, a community must be designated as underserviced.

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6.10   Academic Health Science Centre/ Alternate Funding Plan

An Academic Health Science Centre (AHSC) is the coming together of medical staff who hold both privileges at the teaching hospital and an academic appointment from the university; fully affiliated teaching hospital(s); and a university with a faculty of health sciences or a school of medicine. The function of an AHSC is to provide education, research and clinical services.

An AHSC Alternative Funding Plan (AFP) is a contract between academic physicians, teaching hospitals, universities, the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) that sets out non-fee-for-service funding for a range of services and which aligns the interests of the parties by merging multiple funding sources for the remuneration of involved medical staff for clinical service, education, research and associated administration.

In exchange for the merger of funding sources, the parties of an AFP agree to meet a comprehensive set of deliverables in clinical service, education, research and associated administration.

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