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2005 Data Quality Report
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Information Management

What's New
January 2007  Update from the Health Results Team Lead for Information Management   more >>

November 30  Physician Documentation Expert Panel – brochure and guide to better physician documentation   more >>

November 8  The Health Planner’s Toolkit, Module 5  more >>

Ontario's plan for change involves improving the way we manage information. Without good data, and easy access to information when planning for health care services or making decisions, the system is simply not as effective as it could be.

The Ontario government's Information Management Strategy is focused on producing better data, supporting accountability and quality improvement through performance measurement, and supporting evidence-based decision-making. The goal is to build a system that people can count on – one that is more efficient, effective and accountable. The vision is a system that provides objective, timely and accurate information is the basis for sound decisions that are in the best interest of patients. With better information through enhanced information management, the government will be able to accurately measure and track how the system is performing, so that people can assess its quality and progress.

Changing the way information is managed is a collaborative effort. Government, health care providers and organizations across the system who collect, produce or depend on information, are all partners in effecting change. This website is a vehicle for providing them with information about the many initiatives that are underway, and the progress achieved so far. It includes resources designed to support health system planners, managers and decision makers, as they navigate system change. A regular newsletter highlighting progress to date in information management, shared successes and ongoing activities is also available.

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