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Ministry Status: Recovery

The ministry is resuming regular operations and supporting health sector stabilization.

Research at the Ministry of Health

Evidence Synthesis

The Evidence Synthesis Unit produces evidence products in response to enquiries for information about health system topics from requesting areas within the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Long-Term Care. The Unit develops syntheses of research evidence as well as jurisdictional scans on health system and public policy questions, according to clients’ needs.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Unit is working on two initiatives that specifically aim to coordinate the synthesis and dissemination of high-quality and timely information on pandemic-related issues to health sector partners.

Please contact EvidenceSynthesis@ontario.ca with any questions about this work.

Evidence Synthesis Network

The Evidence Synthesis Network (ESN) comprises representatives of organizations in Ontario and Canada with expertise in evidence synthesis and knowledge translation. The Network provides their expertise to develop and spread high-quality, relevant, and timely synthesized research evidence about COVID-19 to inform decision makers as the pandemic continues, while reducing duplication of effort across the groups.

When a request for information is submitted, Network members are alerted, and asked to provide documents or support in response. Once responsive documents to a request are received, RAEB develops an Evidence Synthesis Briefing Note; these compile and summarize the information submitted by ESN members, and are shared with the network and on the ESN website, so that the information is made broadly available.

RAEB COVID-19 Evidence Updates

The COVID-19 Evidence Updates were developed in order to share trusted information about COVID-19 to a wide health system audience. The Evidence Updates provide summaries of products developed by both the Evidence Synthesis Unit and the Evidence Synthesis Network, links to trusted sources of information about COVID-19, and curated research and jurisdictional information.

RAEB COVID-19 Evidence Updates:

There have been 109 COVID-19 Evidence Updates produced to date.

Please note that the Evidence Synthesis Unit is placing a pause on the COVID-19 Evidence Update until Fall 2022. Have a great summer and you’ll hear from us soon!




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