Health Care Professionals

Product Manuals and Approved Prices

Title Format
Product Manual — Communication Aids
– Clinics PDF
– Individual Authorizers PDF
Product Manual — Hearing Devices
– Hearing Aids and FM Systems Device Codes PDF
– Hearing Aids and FM Systems Approved Products PDF
– Hearing Implant Replacement Speech/Sound Processor PDF
– Telecommunication Devices PDF
Product Manual — Home Oxygen PDF
Product Manual — Insulin Pump and Supplies PDF
Product Manual — Limb Prostheses
– Conventional PDF
– Externally Powered PDF
Product Manual — Maxillofacial Extraoral Prostheses PDF
Product Manual — Maxillofacial Intraoral Prostheses
– General Dentist PDF
– Prosthodontist PDF
Product Manual — Mobility Devices PDF
Product Manual — Ocular Prostheses PDF
Product Manual - Orthotic Devices PDF
Product Manual — Pressure Modification Devices
– Hypertrophic Scar Management Devices PDF
– Lymphedema Management Devices PDF
Product Manual — Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System PDF
Product Manual — Respiratory Equipment and Supplies PDF
Product Manual — Visual Aids PDF

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