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Assistive Devices Program

New Vendor Registration

The Vendor Registration Application form is interactive.   Please save the form to your computer while you complete it. 

Messages will help guide you through the form completion.  Sections will open or drop down to enable you to provide required details.

On the last page of the main form, entitled Business and Location General Information, when you check the category of device(s) for which you are seeking registration, the device-specific application form(s) will open.

Please complete all fields.

Guide to Vendor Registration Requirements for New Vendors

Read the Guide to Vendor Registration Requirements for New Vendors  before you begin to complete the application form, as it contains essential information about the requirements for registration with the ADP.

On the last page of the guide, you will find a checklist of documents that are required as part of your application for registration.  Use this list to ensure that you are including all of the required documents with your application, including the Confirmation of Payment Instruction form.

Manuals and Vendor Agreement Template

Read the Policies and Procedures Manual for the Assistive Devices Program and the Program’s Policy and Administration Manuals before submitting an application for registration as a vendor.  The Manuals, together with the Vendor Agreement form every vendor’s contractual agreement with the ADP.

The template of the Vendor Agreement is available for your review so that all prospective vendors will have an opportunity to read the contract that they will be required to sign. Do NOT complete and sign this template. If approved as an ADP registered Vendor, the ADP will send out a completed Agreement to you.

Submitting an Application for New Vendor Registration

ADP requires original signatures.  The completed application form and any other required documentation must be printed, signed and dated, and mailed to:

Registration Unit
Assistive Devices Program
5700 Yonge Street, 7th Floor
North York ON   M2M 4K5

ADP’s target timeframe for reviewing an application for registration as a vendor is six months from date of receipt of all required information.

Please send any enquiries about the Assistive Devices Program, including questions about the Application Form for Vendor Registration, to

Changes to Existing Vendor Registrations

Contact the ADP directly at to make changes to your existing ADP registered Vendor information. Examples include adding or removing devices, moving your location or terminating your registration. You are required to contact ADP within 10 days of any change.

NOTE: you must complete the Vendor Registration Application form for a change in ownership

For More Information

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