Preventing and Managing Chronic Disease

Diabetes Program

Diabetes is a serious chronic disease that is costly to both the affected individual and to society. It requires the daily commitment of the individual with diabetes to self-manage through a balance of lifestyle and medication.

Because of the complex nature of the disease and to prevent long-term complications, diabetes management requires regular access to health care services.

We have developed a number of innovative initiatives to address diabetes and its debilitating complications. These include:

While people with diabetes only make up about 11% of Ontario’s population, they account for:

The ministry’s Diabetes Program is focused on diabetes education, early intervention and effective prevention of complications and is committed to a responsive health care system that helps Ontarians lead independent and quality lives.

The Pediatric Diabetes Initiative was established in 2001 to make appropriate education, treatment and follow-up resources available to children with diabetes and their parents. This initiative has provided funding for the establishment of 35 programs across Ontario and supports a pediatric insulin pump program.

The Diabetes Complications Prevention Strategy (DCPS) was established in 1997 to provide basic-level diabetes education programs in Ontario. Funding has been granted to over 150 hospitals and community-based health organizations to establish or enhance local diabetes programs. The primary role of local diabetes programs is to educate people with diabetes to self-manage their disease and prevent/delay the onset of diabetes-related complications.

The Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Strategy sets out a long-term approach to diabetes prevention, care and treatment, education, research and coordination. The Southern Ontario Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (SOADI) was established in 1994. The service delivery model was developed and continues to be directed by representatives of all major Aboriginal organizations and independent First Nations in southern Ontario. SOADI provides diabetes education, prevention and management in on- and off-reserve Aboriginal communities in southern Ontario. In 2001, additional funding was allocated to eight Aboriginal Provincial/Territorial Organizations (PTOs) to establish front-line education services in their communities. In 2006, additional funding was allocated to SOADI to deliver an annual diabetes education program for Aboriginal diabetes workers throughout Ontario; and to administer a foot care program in southern Ontario.

Diabetes and Assistive Devices Program

The government of Ontario provides funding for diabetes equipment and supplies for individuals requiring insulin under the Assistive Devices Program (ADP), to give people increased independence and control over their lives.

Assistive Devices Program (ADP):

For additional information see: Assistive Devices Program.

Diabetes and Ontario Drug Program

If you qualify, the Ontario Drug Benefit plan covers:

For additional information see : Ontario Drug Benefit Program

Diabetes Resources

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