Critical Care Strategy

Critical Care Information System (CCIS)

Province-wide information on access to critical care, quality of care, and outcomes for critically ill patients

The Critical Care Information System (CCIS) is the most comprehensive source of province-wide information on access to critical care, quality of care and outcomes for critically ill patients. As part of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's Critical Care Strategy, the CCIS has been developed to provide real time data on every patient admitted to Level 3 and Level 2 critical care units in Ontario's acute care hospitals. It is intended to provide the ministry, Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) and hospitals with information on bed availability, critical care service utilization and patient outcomes.

The CCIS has been implemented in 201 adult and paediatric Level 3 and Level 2 critical care units. The system provides an important medium for monitoring and managing the province's critical care resources more effectively, as well as highlighting opportunities for implementing quality improvement initiatives at individual hospitals and across the LHINs.  Additionally, CCIS supports the Ventilator Associated Pneumonia and Central Line Infection data collection under the ministry's Patient Safety Initiative. The data captured in CCIS is also used to develop quarterly reports to inform health care system improvements.

In 2012, CCIS will be enhanced to include data for Paediatric Critical Care Response Teams (PCCRTs). This added PCCRT component will mirror the current Adult CCRT component which is currently available within the application. Critical care stakeholders continue to work to refine the critical care indicators and reports to help hospitals, LHINs and the ministry better understand the critically ill patient population and resource utilization patterns across the province.

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