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Ontario Diabetes Strategy - Self-Management Program

Self-management is a key component of improving the management of chronic diseases, such as diabetes. The ability of individuals to self-manage their condition 365 days per year has a powerful impact on their health and well-being. For many individuals, chronic disease education alone is insufficient to change the behaviours that increase the risk of complications.

The Self-Management Program is designed to prepare and empower individuals with diabetes, chronic disease, or chronic pain, to assume greater control and responsibility for daily health care decisions, including:

Self-management education and skills training workshops for individuals and providers have been shown to improve clinical outcomes (including blood glucose levels) and improve behaviours that impact health such as exercise, diet, and engagement with health care providers.  Better disease management has shown a reduction in emergency department visits and hospital admissions related to disease progression and complications, decreasing overall health system costs.

Training for Health Care Providers:

Self-management programs also provide training for health care providers, as they play an important role in supporting improved patient self-management. Programs typically offer training related to:

There are 14 organizations across the province, which offer self-management training for both individuals and health care providers for chronic disease, chronic pain and diabetes.

For more information, please contact the Self-Management organization in your LHIN: 

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