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The MedsCheck program is a one-on-one interview between the pharmacist and the patient to review the patient’s prescription and non-prescription medications. The MedsCheck medication review will encourage patients to better understand their medication therapy and help to ensure their medications are taken as prescribed and that patients are getting the most benefit from their medications.

Patient Eligibility

Note: Pharmacists must obtain a copy of the original MedsCheck if it was not conducted at their pharmacy. If not able to obtain a copy, a reason must be documented.

Conducting the MedsCheck

MedsCheck Medication Review List

Claim for Payment

The MedsCheck program is paid for by the Ontario Government through the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) Health Network System. Claims submissions occur on the day the MedsCheck service is conducted and after the patient receives a medication review list signed and dated by both the pharmacist and the patient.

MedsCheck Expanded Programs

Effective September 13, 2010, Ontario added three new services to the MedsCheck program:

Please refer to the MedsCheck Guidebook for more detailed information.

Document Download

Professional Pharmacy Services Guidebook 3.0  [PDF]

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For More Information

To learn more about MedsCheck talk to your Pharmacist or contact ServiceOntario, INFOline 1-866-255-6701 or TTY 1-800-387-5559