Health System Funding Reform

Quality-Based Procedures

Quality–Based Procedures (QBPs) are specific groups of patient services that offer opportunities for health care providers to share best practices that will allow the system to achieve even better quality and system efficiencies.

As part of this approach, the ministry, in collaboration with partners such as Health Quality Ontario, Cancer Care Ontario, Cardiac Care Network and the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health, has established expert advisory panels composed of a cross-sectoral, multi-geographic, and multidisciplinary membership including leading clinicians, scientists, and patients.

These expert advisory panels develop QBP Clinical Handbooks that serve as a compendium of evidence and clinical consensus and define episodes of care for selected disease areas or procedures and provide best practice recommendations for patient care and indicators to monitor for ongoing quality improvement.

The use of best practices is intended to promote the standardization of care by reducing inappropriate or unexplained variation and ensuring that patients get the right care at the right place and at the right time, which is part of the Patient’s First: Action Plan for Health Care, the Ontario government’s blueprint for the next phase of health care system transformation.

Once a procedure has been established as a QBP, funding for each specific grouping is provided on a "price times volume" basis and health care providers are funded using a standard rate (or price) adjusted for the types of patients they serve.

For a list of Quality-Based Procedures by Fiscal Year please select this link:
List of QBPs

QBP Clinical Handbooks:

The following clinical handbooks are not currently funded as QBPs but their clinical adoption is encouraged.

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