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BRIDGES -- Building Bridges to Integrate Care

Health Care Challenge

Quality health care requires integration across a continuum of services. Gaps in service delivery can lead to poor patient outcomes and contribute to unnecessary ER visits and avoidable hospitalization. This can negatively impact patient satisfaction and lead to increased cost for the health care system.

Real Change In Action

The University of Toronto’s Departments of Medicine and Family and Community Medicine have embarked on a comprehensive project called “Building Bridges to Integrate Care” (BRIDGES).

The goal of BRIDGES is to support innovation and integration in health service delivery. It will link academics, clinicians, hospitals, Family Health Teams (FHTs), Community Care Access Centres (CCACs), Home and Community Care Support Services and family medicine teaching practices associated with the university.

U of T’s network spans 5 Home and Community Care Support Services, 30 hospitals, 13 FHTs and 40 family medicine teaching practices.

 BRIDGES will serve as an incubator to develop, implement, evaluate and sustain new models to integrate the delivery of health services. Primary focus will be on supporting programs that improve the quality of care and target reducing avoidable hospitalizations, readmissions and ER visits.

BRIDGES will support three multi-site innovative projects every 12-24 months, for a total of nine projects over a three-year period.

Potential BRIDGES projects include :

"We see how poorly integrated health care affects our patients every day. BRIDGES will help us to bring health care providers from across the system together to develop and test new ways to deliver better care,” said Dr. Michael Schull, Co-Principal Implementer of the initiative and Associate Professor at the University of Toronto Department of Medicine.

Better Quality Care

Improving the integration of the delivery of care will greatly enhance the quality and access to health care services. BRIGDES will help to identify more cost effective models that produce better patient outcomes that can be spread across the province.

Contact person :
Tamara Mohammed
Project Manager, BRIDGES
Tel.: (416) 978-6074

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