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Supporting Internationally Educated Nurses

The ministry collaborates with various partners to support the integration of Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) into Ontario's nursing workforce. These partners include :

  • College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO)
    The CNO provides a guide intended for nurses who received their nursing education outside Canada and who are not currently registered to practise nursing. Here, internationally educated nurses can find practical information and resources about the nursing profession in Ontario, as well as the requirements for becoming a Registered Nurse or Registered Practical Nurse in Ontario.

  • Internationally Educated Nurses Competency Assessment Program (IENCAP)
    CNO applicants whose nursing education and practice do not meet the College’s nursing education requirement will be asked to take the IENCAP. The IENCAP evaluates nursing knowledge, skill and judgment using a multiple-choice exam, interviews, and an OSCE that takes place in a setting similar to real-life clinical situations in Ontario. Supported by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the IENCAP was created by Touchstone Institute in collaboration with the CNO.
  • HealthForceOntario Access Centre
    The Access Centre offers a range of free services to support newcomers through the registration process.

  • Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI)
    MCI provides funding for bridging programs to support IENs who are preparing to work in Ontario. These bridging programs can help internationally educated nursing professionals gain the knowledge and information needed to register in Ontario.

  • Creating Access to Regulated Employment (CARE Centre)
    CARE Centre is a not-for-profit professional organization funded by the Ontario Government and the Government of Canada. CARE Centre provides IENs with the one-on-one case management, language and communication skills, exam preparation, professional development, mentoring and networking to be successful in the nursing profession.
  • Settlement.Org is government-funded site that provides an electronic community where newcomers can get information, read relevant news, ask questions and share their experiences with others, as well as access a database of community organizations.

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