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Long-Term Care Homes

Apply to build new or redevelop existing long-term care beds

Application deadline

The Ministry of Long-Term Care has set a new deadline of September 25, 2020, to submit a 2019 Application for Long-Term Care Home Development.

We are currently accepting applications to build new long-term care beds and redevelop existing long-term care beds from current and potential long-term care home operators in Ontario.

The application deadline has been extended to September 25, 2020.

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The government is committed to creating 30,000 new long-term care beds over the next decade.

These new beds will increase access to long-term care and help end hallway health care as we create a 21st century long-term care sector that provides high quality care and accommodation that meets the clinical, safety and social needs of Ontarians living in long-term care homes.

Developing long-term care beds and redeveloping long-term care beds

The Ministry of Long-Term Care provides funding for long-term care homes across Ontario to provide appropriate care and services to the people who live in those homes. The ministry provides support to projects that will add new long-term care bed capacity and redevelop existing, older long-term care beds to modern design standards. These net new beds will increase access to long-term care, reduce waitlists, ease hospital capacity pressures and help to end hallway health care.

A long-term care home is defined as a place where adults can live and receive help with most or all of their daily activities and receive access to 24-hour nursing and personal care. Long-term care homes offer more nursing and personal care than would typically be provided in a retirement home or supportive housing.

Redeveloping long-term care beds means either renovating existing long-term care spaces in an existing home or building a new long-term care home to replace an older one. Redeveloping existing long-term care beds helps the long-term care sector continue to provide appropriate care to residents in safe and secure environments.

Who can apply

Eligible applicants include:

All applicants must be eligible to be licensed or approved to operate a long-term care home under the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007 and Regulation 79/10.

Before you apply

Before you complete the application form, you should review the:

You are also encouraged to:

How to apply

To submit an application, send a completed application package:

A completed application package must include:

Unless otherwise indicated in the Application Form, or requested by the ministry, supplementary material should not be submitted and will not be reviewed.

You will be sent an electronic confirmation of receipt after submitting your application.

Due date for applications

The new deadline for applications is Friday, September 25, 2020 at 5 p.m.

We encourage all those who are interested to apply.

Evaluation of application

Applications will be evaluated based on their alignment with:

The ministry encourages interested applicants to seek advice from industry experts to establish a cost estimate. Applicants are asked to fully explain any cost estimates in the application, which could range from a preliminary cost estimate based on comparable projects to a fully costed plan.

Each long-term care home development project that is approved for further ministry review must undergo the ministry's capital and licensing approval process.

The capital approval process includes a review of an applicant's ability to develop and operate the proposed long-term care home in accordance with ministry policy and legislative requirements.

In addition to receiving funding approval and executing a funding contract, an applicant must receive ministry approval for key milestones including, but not limited to, their design plans to start construction and to occupy the space as a long-term care home.

All long-term care homes in Ontario must be licensed or approved by the ministry to operate a long-term care bed. The requirements for the ministry's licensing review and approval process are stipulated in Part VII and Part VIII the act and Ontario Regulation 79/10. The ministry's licensing review has multiple components, including, but not limited to:

Upon completing all licensing review requirements under the act and its regulation, the Director can make a decision regarding the issuance of a licence or licence undertaking, or the Minister may make a decision to grant an approval.

Submitting an application

This application is open to any interested party, including existing non-profit, for-profit, and municipal operators, and organizations new to the long-term care sector.

Applicants must be eligible to be licensed or approved to operate a long-term care home under the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007 and Regulation 79/10.

Applicants should seek legal and financial advice as to the applicable legal and financial requirements and considerations in Ontario, including any additional provincial and/or federal legislative and regulatory requirements or restrictions associated with operating a business in Ontario.

Please submit all applications to LTCdevelopment@ontario.ca.

Instructions on how to complete, save and email the Application Form (a fillable PDF) are embedded throughout the form.

Applications already submitted

The ministry continues to evaluate applications that were previously submitted under the 2019 Application for Long-Term Care Home Development and will contact applicants if any clarification, or additional information is required to complete the evaluation.

If you have questions regarding the application form

Applicants can email the Ministry of Long-Term Care at LTCdevelopment@ontario.ca with any questions.


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