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Long-Term Care Homes

Notice Required Under Section 184 Of The Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007

The Government has made a commitment to end hallway health care in hospitals. Hallway health care is caused by many challenges facing the health system, including the length of time hospital patients wait to be discharged to long-term care homes because homes are at capacity and the long-term care waitlist continues to grow.

As part of this commitment, the Ministry of Long-Term Care is proposing an initial regulation under the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007 (Act) related to Direct Access Beds. Subsections 184(1) to (5) of the Act set out requirements for public consultation before the Lieutenant Governor in Council can make an initial regulation under the Act. In accordance with subsection 184(6) of the Act, the Minister may decide that these requirements should not apply to the Lieutenant Governor in Council when making an initial regulation.

There are currently over 37,000 individuals on the long-term care waitlist, which is contributing to the hallway health care crisis in Ontario. The government must move swiftly to help alleviate the ALC pressures hospitals experience. The proposed Direct Access Bed regulation will allow the government to pilot a project aimed at alleviating hallway health care in hospitals. The pilot will work to address hospital ALC pressures and hallway health care by moving people out of hospital beds and into long-term care more quickly. The pilot project will start with one hospital but could extend to others, if initial successes to end hallway health care are realized.

Dated at Toronto, this 3 day of March, 2020.

Originally signed by:

Dr. Merrilee Fullerton
Minister of Long-Term Care

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