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To: All Providers

Published by: Claims Services Branch, Ministry of Health

Date Issued: February 5, 2020

Bulletin Number: 4740

Re: Mandatory Service Location Indicator (SLI) on Technical Fees

Posted Electronically Only

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Effective for claims with service dates of April 1, 2020 and later, when a technical fee is submitted without a Service Location Indicator (SLI) the entire claim will reject to the physician/group error report with the new error condition ‘VHC – SLI REQUIRED FOR TECH FEE’.

This will include both Health Care Provider (HCP) and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WCB) claims. Claims submitted with a service date prior to April 1, 2020, will continue to pay with the ‘W4 - Warning: Service Location Indicator Code Missing’ explanatory code.  Out of Province claims are not required to have an SLI code on a claim for a technical fee.

The following is a list of valid SLI codes:

  • HDS - Hospital Day Surgery
  • HED - Hospital Emergency Department
  • HIP - Hospital In-Patient
  • HOM - Home Visit - Subsequent Patient
  • HOP - Hospital Out-Patient
  • HRP - Hospital Referred Patient
  • IHF - Independent Health Facility
  • OFF - Office of Community Physician
  • OTN - Ontario Telemedicine Network
  • PDF - Private Diagnostic Facility
  • RTF - Rehabilitation Treatment Facility

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