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December 16, 2004

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Health Card Security Enhancements

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care recognizes the importance of having a secure Health Card and is introducing changes to enhance the security of its current card. These security enhancements will make the Health Card more tamperproof and counterfeit resistant. Ontarians will not receive an enhanced Health Card until their current card expires, or a replacement card is required. Both the red and white and the current photo card remain acceptable for insured health services providing they are valid and belong to the person presenting them. The new holographic overlay includes the following features:

The ‘Ontario’ logo.
Smaller diagonal ‘Ontario’ logos covering most of the card that will be visible from all angles.
Larger ‘Ontario’ logos horizontally aligned over the photo and signature that will be visible from most angles, but will not be visible in the landscape position and will not interfere with photo identification.

This image is provided as a sample only to illustrate the new holographic overlay.