Helping Ontario's Seniors Stay Healthy and Active

Ontario directly funds services such as physiotherapy and exercise and falls prevention classes so they are available across the province to seniors and eligible patients.


Clinic-based Physiotherapy

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Exercise And Falls Prevention

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For More Information

For information on in-home physiotherapy, patients can contact their Home and Community Care Support Services organization.

For information on physiotherapy in long-term care homes or primary care settings, residents and patients should speak to their long-term care home administrator or regulated health professional (physician, nurse practitioner or physiotherapy provider).

Call ServiceOntario, Infoline at:
1-866-532-3161 (Toll-free in Ontario only)
In Toronto, (416) 314-5518
TTY 1-800-387-5559.
In Toronto, TTY 416-327-4282
Hours of operation : 8:30 a.m – 5:00 p.m

If you have questions about physiotherapy and/or exercise and falls prevention programs, please call the Seniors' INFOline:
TTY: 1-800-387-5559

If you prefer, you can email your question to:

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