Let's Get Fluless

Health Care Workers

Vaccination is the best defence against the flu and all health care workers, whether they are in direct patient care or not, should get the flu shot every year and get it early. It is critical that all health care workers recognize the importance of getting the flu shot to protect themselves, their families, co-workers, patients and clients (some of whom are at high risk of serious complications from the flu).

We encourage you to use the messaging below to encourage staff to get immunized for influenza.

Sharable Content for Use in Internal Channels

  • We're all vulnerable when it comes to the flu. Get the shot early. Get it every year. Protect yourself and others from the flu.
  • Why is it important to get the flu shot early? It takes up to two weeks to build up your immunity. Protect yourself and get the shot early.
  • Getting the flu vaccine protects you, your family and the ones you care for.
  • What's missing from your healthy life style? Are you exercising, taking your vitamins and eating enough fruits and vegetables? When it comes to the flu, that's not enough. The flu shot works to build up your immunity, making you stronger and more resistant to the virus.
  • Serious reactions from the flu shot are rare. The flu vaccine is safe and well tolerated. Mild reactions include soreness, redness or swelling where the vaccine was given, lasting up to two days.
  • Are you doing enough to protect yourself and others from the flu? Hand washing, sneezing or coughing into your sleeve and staying home when you are sick will help prevent the spread of flu, but it's not enough. Get the flu shot.
  • Vaccination works and the best defence against the flu is to get the flu shot. The flu vaccine can reduce the risk of serious illnesses and death due to influenza.
For More Information

Please e-mail uiip.moh@ontario.ca or call Service Ontario, INFOline at 1 877-844-1944