2023/2024 Universal Influenza Immunization Program (UIIP)

Influenza Vaccine Ordering & Return Process

As in previous years, the receipt of influenza vaccine doses in the province begins in mid to late September and throughout October. You will be notified by your vaccine supply source (i.e., local public health unit, OGPMSS or pharmaceutical distributor) when the vaccine is available.

Influenza Vaccine Ordering

Health Care Provider Location Order vaccine from
All providers (except pharmacists) Within K, L, N and P postal codes Local public health unit (PHU)
All Toronto providers (except pharmacists) Within M postal code Ontario Government Pharmaceutical and Medical Supply Service (OGPMSS) by faxing the Influenza Vaccine Order Form for the UIIP to 416-327-0818
Pharmacists Within M, K, L, N and P postal codes Pharmaceutical distributor as designated by the ministry.

Influenza Vaccine Return Process

Report all vaccine wastage. Return ONLY UNOPENED vials/syringes/ampoules to your local public health unit or OGPMSS (for Toronto clients) as wastage. Influenza vaccine should be returned using your public health unit’s vaccine return form. Discard opened vials/syringes/ampoules through biohazard waste.

Any influenza vaccine that is returned to your local public health unit is considered wasted and will not be re-used. 

To minimize vaccine wastage and ensure influenza vaccine availability for Ontarians, health care providers are encouraged to maintain minimal stock of influenza vaccine in cold chain to accommodate individuals who still are seeking influenza immunization between April and August. 

Please report all temperature excursions promptly to your local public health unit in order to determine vaccine stability.

Please visit your local public health unit’s website or contact them directly regarding the process of returning vaccine.

For More Information

Please e-mail or call Service Ontario, INFOline at 1 877-844-1944