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Resident Loan Interest Relief Program

Eligibility Criteria

  1. To be eligible under the RLIRP, you must satisfy the following requirements:
    • Be a registered Ontario medical resident;
    • have outstanding Canadian government student loans (i.e., student loans from the government of Canada, the province of Ontario or another province/territory);
    • have signed and returned to the RLIRP Application Centre the Return of Service Agreement (ROS)*with the Ministry of Health (MOH) under which you agree to provide Ontario with five years of physician services within three months of completion of medical residency; and have been approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MCTU) for a Medical Resident Loan (MRL), have signed the required Medical Resident Loan Agreement and have returned it to the RLIRP Administrator.
  2. (*Note: Failure to fulfill the ROS Agreement will result in the MOH seeking immediate recovery of all loan interest paid by the MOH on your behalf during medical residency.)
  3. To be eligible for a MRL, in addition to being an Ontario Medical Resident and signing the ROS Agreement, you must:
    • Be in compliance with the repayment requirements for the outstanding Canadian government student loans and have maintained the loans in good standing;
    • have not been determined by MCU, the government of Canada or any other provincial/territorial government to be in arrears or default of a student loan or any other amount owed to the Crown in respect of the relevant jurisdiction; and
    • have not been found to be ineligible for an Ontario Student Loan under Ontario Regulation 268/01 made under the MTCU Act.

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