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Resident Loan Interest Relief Program

About the Medical Resident Loan (MRL)

  1. If you are granted a Medical Resident Loan (MRL), you will be exempt from making monthly principal payments during the period of your Ontario medical residency. The Ministry of Health (MOH) will pay the monthly loan interest rate of prime plus one percent on your behalf.
  2. Any outstanding Ontario Student Opportunity Grant that has not been applied to your Ontario Student Loans will continue to be processed and applied against the balance of your MRL.
  3. You must enter into a repayment agreement to repay the MRL principal and interest within 30 days of completing of your Ontario Medical Residency, or with 30 days of discontinuing enrolment in the Ontario medical resident program (e.g. if you became a medical resident of another jurisdiction).
  4. The RLIRP Loan Centre will contact you by mail approximately four to six weeks prior to the expected end of your Ontario medical residency and inform you of the terms of repayment. You will be asked to sign a MRL Repayment Agreement. If you do not sign the MRL Repayment Agreement, your MRL will still enter into repayment status.
  5. If you shorten or extend your Ontario medical residency from the original expected end date you must promptly notify the RLIRP Loan Centre.

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Resident Loan Interest Relief Program
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