Health Care Professionals

Resident Loan Interest Relief Program

The Application Process

  1. Applications must be submitted between June and September of each year.
  2. Applicants must submit a fully completed RLIRP/MRL application form to the RLIRP Application Centre.
  3. The application includes an area for applicants to list government student loans (federal and provincial/territorial) and estimated loan balances. The RLIRP Application Centre will contact the student loan service provider responsible for administering the loans to confirm the balances and repayment status.
  4. If one or more of your government student loans are in arrears or in default, you must repay the arrears or address the default before you will be considered for approval under RLIRP or for an MRL. Therefore it is important that you pay any arrears and continue to make payments on your government student loans until you receive notice that your government student loans are paid out.
  5. If you are confirmed to be eligible for a MRL, the RLIRP Application Centre will forward a MRL Agreement to you.
  6. You must sign the MRL Agreement where required and return it to the RLIRP Application Centre. After receipt and review of the completed MRL Agreement, your Canadian government student loans will be paid out with your MRL.
  7. On behalf of the Province of Ontario you will receive a letter from the RLIRP Loan Centre informing you of the pay out of your government student loans with the Medical Resident Loan, the initial balance of your Medical Resident loan, and approval for the RLIRP/MRL.

The application portal will be available on this page from June 1 to September 30 each year

For More Information

Resident Loan Interest Relief Program
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