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SADIE 2.0 Now Available – with Designates

Published June 24, 2020

Introducing SADIE 2.0

The Exceptional Access Program Digital Assistant – now with designates!

The Ministry of Health understands that fast approvals are important to patients and prescribers awaiting Exceptional Access Program (EAP) decisions for Ontario Drug Benefits. That’s why we launched SADIE (the Special Authorization Digital Information Exchange) in 2019. After more than a year of operation, we are pleased to inform you that SADIE’s intuitive digital platform has successfully reduced application errors by 75% and cut EAP decision times by an average of 50% compared to fax requests.

Now we are excited to introduce the even more responsive SADIE 2.0. Those involved in the creation and submission of EAP requests told us that allowing designates to use the system was critical – we listened.

Prescribers can now assign designates to prepare EAP requests for their review and submission.

For more information about designates and instructions on setting up designates’ accounts, see the Quick Reference – How to Set-up a Designate guide.

Meet SADIE 2.0 – your EAP Digital Assistant

  • Designates can now prepare requests on behalf of prescribers
  • The fastest approvals for your patients – up to 50% faster than fax
  • Higher rate of approvals – 75% reduction in rejections due to incomplete information
  • Easy to useSADIE only asks for required information with dynamic smart forms
  • Research reimbursement criteria right in SADIE


To Access SADIE:

As a Prescriber: Log in to GO Secure , click the “Continue” button on the Welcome page, and select “Special Authorization Digital Information Exchange” from the drop-down menu.

As a Designate: Log in to GO Secure , click the “Continue” button on the Welcome page, and select the prescriber you are supporting from the “Working on Behalf of” drop-down menu.

Then, select “Special Authorization Digital Information Exchange” from the drop-down menu.
If you require assistance with the SADIE application, please contact the SADIE Helpdesk at
1-800-262-6524 or via email at SSContactCentre.MOH@ontario.ca.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to email SADIE@Ontario.ca

Ready to get started with SADIE?

SADIE Button

For More Information

Help using SADIE

If you need help related to the SADIE portal please see the SADIE Training Aids.

For technical difficulties, please call Inquiry Services
1-800-262- 6524 or email SSContactCentre.MOH@ontario.ca.


Feedback or Suggestions?

Feedback is appreciated and suggestions will help inform future SADIE features.

Please email us at SADIE@ontario.ca. If you would like to receive updates and newsletters, please subscribe to our mailing list.

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