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About Ontario’s Narcotics Strategy

The abuse and misuse of prescription narcotics and other controlled substance medications is a serious public health and safety issue in Ontario. A growing number of people are addicted to these drugs, using them outside their intended medical purposes, including unlawful activities and some dying as a result of this improper use.

To address these significant issues, Ontario has highlighted a need to educate health care professionals and the public on the proper prescribing and use of these medications.

Ontario’s Narcotics Strategy is promoting the proper use of prescription narcotics and other controlled substance medications while working to reduce drug abuse and addiction among Ontarians, while ensuring that people who need narcotics and other controlled substances for appropriate medical use will continue to have access to these medications.

A narcotics monitoring system has been developed to collect and store information on prescribing and dispensing activities for these medications. The information collected by the monitoring system will be used for improving prescribing and dispensing practices and stopping the use of prescription drugs for improper purposes.

Other initiatives underway include:

Ontario’s Narcotics Strategy also includes exploring opportunities to provide additional support for the treatment of addiction. A number of substance abuse treatment programs, including withdrawal management, community counselling and residential treatment and support services are available in Ontario. Learn more >>

Ontario’s Narcotics Strategy is making the prescribing, dispensing and use of narcotics and controlled substance medications safer and more secure. These measures are improving quality and value of health care practices across the system.

Learn more about the collection, use and disclosure of this information.

Methadone Treatment and Services Advisory Committee: Final Report

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