Ontario Drug Benefit Program: Dispensing fees

What are dispensing fees?

Pharmacists receive a dispensing fee for filling your prescription(s). This fee covers services such as:

There are two kinds of dispensing fees in Ontario:

What dispensing fee will I pay for ODB prescriptions?

As of April 01, 2014, the dispensing fee payable to most pharmacies is $8.83 for each ODB prescription filled. Some pharmacies in rural and remote areas may charge higher dispensing fees as their operating costs are higher. This chart outlines those higher fees and where they apply:

When: You will pay this dispensing fee:
There is only one pharmacy within 5kms,
The nearest pharmacy is within 5 to 10 kms
The nearest pharmacy is within 10 to 25kms $12.14
There are no other pharmacies within 25kms $13.25

What dispensing fee do pharmacies charge for prescriptions I pay for myself?

Each pharmacy sets its own fees for filling prescriptions not claimed under ODB. This is called the ‘usual and customary’ dispensing fee. Your pharmacy must register this fee with the Ontario College of Pharmacists. The College, in turn, monitors all pharmacies in Ontario.

Pharmacies must display their usual fees in clear view for customers. If you pay for your own prescriptions, you can compare fees in different pharmacies and choose the pharmacy that provides the best service for the fee charged.

What other costs will I pay for my ODB drugs?

Under the ODB program you may be asked to pay a small yearly fee and a fee to have your prescriptions filled.
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