Ontario Drug Benefit Program: Nutrition Products

What does the program cover?

In some cases, the Ontario Drug Benefit (ODB) Program covers nutrition products. An Ontario doctor must prescribe the products as the patient’s sole source of nutrition.

What is not covered?

The ODB program does not cover approved nutrition products if you use them for:

For people living in Long-Term Care Homes or Homes for Special Care

The home will provide any prescribed special nutrition products. The ODB program does not cover these costs.

Am I eligible?

Yes, if:


Patients do not qualify who:

How do I join the program?

Your doctor, pharmacist or dietitian will be able to tell you:

What costs will I pay?

ODB reimburses you for the cost of approved nutrition products up to a maximum price. If your doctor prescribes a product that is more expensive than the maximum allowed under ODB, you will have to pay the extra cost.  Learn more >>

Remember that under the rules of ODB, you may be asked to pay a small yearly fee and a fee to have your prescriptions filled. Learn more >>

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